Evelyn Lim has been rather struck by the ability of therapeutic essential oils in supporting health and wellness. She finds essential oils extremely helpful for emotional release and in lifting energy levels. Not surprisingly, she calls them nature’s healing miracles. Ever since she benefited from the use of Young Living essential oils, she has been introducing them into her home, personal and work life.

Evelyn is a Life Coach, Author and Intuitive Consultant. She works with corporate professionals and business owners who are experiencing high stress levels. Evelyn is also a certified Neuro-linguistic Master Practitioner, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (Level 1&2) and Kundalini Reiki Master. In particular, she specializes in helping others overcome their struggles with love and financial abundance. She advocates an inside-out approach to holistic wellness.

Ten years ago, Evelyn was out-of-balance in body, mind and spirit herself. She had left her banking career as she wanted to spend more time with her young children. However, the loss of financial independence affected her self-love and esteem drastically. Evelyn went into a state of overwhelm, even as she decided to launch and run her own online business.

Consequently, her emotional issues and a weak immune system resulted in poor skin health. She had trouble sleeping and she felt exhausted all the time. Evelyn decided to investigate into natural health therapies, as part of an integrated wellness program for herself. Amazingly, she started experiencing a turnaround in all areas of her life. Her journey culminated in the discovery of essential oils as tools for stress reduction.

Evelyn has since decided to draw on her experience to help raise the consciousness of those around her. She is passionate about helping others find empowerment and wellness for overall abundance. By no coincidence, her favorite Young Living essential oils include Joy, Abundance, Sacred Frankincense and White Angelica.


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