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Attracting Money and Abundance with Abundance Essential Oil

Attracting money and abundance involves first lifting your vibrational frequency state. As I discovered, you can do this with the help of the Abundance Essential Oil blend that is attuned with wealth and prosperity. You increase your magnetic ability, so that you can better activate the Law of Attraction positively.

abundance essential oil for attracting money and abundance


The coincidence was too hard to ignore. Over the last 2 days, I found out how three of my friends were separately attracting money and abundance, after applying the Abundance Essential Oil Blend. My own mother has also a great story to share. Amazingly, three of these cases had to do with improved luck for winning lotteries or extra money.


Attracting Money and Abundance: Creating Vibrational Match


Now, I prefer to avoid making wild claims. I’m not agreeable to promoting greed either. Moreover, I strongly believe in energy exchange (whereby we offer a product or service for a monetary return) or finding ways to invest our funds wisely for wealth creation.


So, any idea about using the Abundance Essential Oil for a lottery strike is not exactly I have in mind. Still, I have to concede that abundance includes money. Thus, whether wealth is manifested through a lottery win, attracting client deals or via asset investments still counts. Nonetheless, I would still like to put forth the disclaimer that I am not guaranteeing any results. The information is offered to you, so that you can assess and decide for yourself how you wish to proceed.


Being a Law of Attraction Abundance coach and having helped others with abundance breakthroughs, I had already observed how clearing money blocks and raising our vibrational frequency would result in the manifesting of abundance i.e in the form of money. It’s not an unusual experience. As Albert Einstein says, everything is energy. (Contact me here if you’d like to find out more about my Money and Abundance Program.)

essential oils is energy | attracting money


The Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like”. Hence, for attracting abundance, we must be in a vibrational match to the essence of it. Likewise, for attracting money, we must be in a vibrational match to the essence of it. Much of the essence that is associated with wealth and riches is already in the living energy of the essential oils that make up the Abundance blend.


In a previous video on How to Apply Abundance Essential Oil to Manifest Wealth that I recorded, I had shared that some of the essential oils that make up the Abundance Essential Oil blend had been used by royalty or the wealthy since eons ago. They were used traditionally in spiritual rites and anointing practices. The purity of the oils make this blend by Young Living a very powerful combination!


Abundance Essential Oil Recipe for Spray 


Inspired by the recent sharing, I decided to infuse my whole home with the Abundance Essential Oil.


My girlfriend had given the tip on applying it over the sign board of the unit number to the home. Clean the sign board first, she said. What a great reminder! It’s the whole protocol of cleansing (or releasing) and then setting the intention for attracting money and abundance. (View my video on How to Apply Abundance Essential Oil for Manifesting Wealth).


Would like more info on how else you can apply the tip too?


For easy application, you would want to have the Abundance Essential Oil in a spray bottle. There will be certain areas in the home that would require more attention. Diffusing the entire living space may not be adequate coverage. Hence,  to lift the entire magnetic aura of your home, spray over these “money attraction” areas additionally. These “money attraction” areas include certain fengshui points such as doorways or pictures that denote wealth. My fengshui master had previously explained where these areas are in my home.


At the time of posting this article, I am still in the midst of Chinese New Year celebrations where my home is decorated with signs of auspicious sayings.  If your home is decorated with any auspicious or wealth symbols, spray over them while making the intention for attracting money and abundance.


Spray Abundance Essential Oil for Attracting Money

To make the spray quickly, you can dilute the Abundance Essential oil Blend with filtered water. Here’s the recipe that I use….


* 8-10 Drops of Abundance Essential Oil
* filtered water to fill 30 ml glass spray bottle
* 1-2 tsp of witch hazel


I also went on to creating two new spray blends with an enhanced formula for attracting abundance 🙂


(1) Prosperity Home Spray for lifting frequency of living spaces.

(2) Abundance Magnet spray for lifting personal frequency.

Abundance Magnet Essential Oil for Attracting Abundance | Law of Attraction


They smell divine!!


Abundance Essential Oil for Law of Attraction


You can simply inhale the Abundance Essential Oil neat or make it into a spray for easy application. Make abundance affirmations as you do so. Your capacity to activate the Law of Attraction powerfully increases with the lifting of your magnetic aura.


Do share your stories in the comment section below if the Abundance Essential Oil has worked for you in terms of attracting money and abundance. Also, share this post on your favourite social media platforms…thank you 🙂


To your wealth and wellness,

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