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Make The Believe Essential Oil as Part of Your Program Launch Formula

Need to work on boosting beliefs because you have doubts about yourself or your ability to launch a new program?

Would like to feel supported as you work on manifesting your project into completion?

May I suggest using Believe Essential Oil as part of your program launch or product launch formula.


Make believe essential oil as part of your program or product formula


The oil may just enhance your overall experience with bringing your offering into fruition.

Indeed, the oil has been great as a secret support tool for me in the last two months.

It helped me during a time when I needed to overcome self-doubt, solidify self-confidence and to consolidate my energies for a successful launch of my Money Magnet Success Program.

Here’s a more detailed run-down as I plan the launch of my group mentorship class.
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Attracting Money and Abundance with Abundance Essential Oil

Attracting money and abundance involves first lifting your vibrational frequency state. As I discovered, you can do this with the help of the Abundance Essential Oil blend that is attuned with wealth and prosperity. You increase your magnetic ability, so that you can better activate the Law of Attraction positively.

abundance essential oil for attracting money and abundance


The coincidence was too hard to ignore. Over the last 2 days, I found out how three of my friends were separately attracting money and abundance, after applying the Abundance Essential Oil Blend. My own mother has also a great story to share. Amazingly, three of these cases had to do with improved luck for winning lotteries or extra money.


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Essential Oils for Alzheimer’s Disease Research

There are essential oils for Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia or other brain health that can potentially be helpful, according to research studies. They could well support the real life cases of those who have reported improvements in brain cognitive function, after using aromatherapy. While the studies are currently limited and not suggesting a cure, they make a great start in indicating potential benefits for relieving symptoms.


Well, I thought it would be useful to put the links to the various studies together in a post. This post is not intended to diagnose or prescribe a treatment. It is meant for educational purposes and for anyone wanting to explore the options out there. I believe in being educated in knowing what available choices we have including natural health ones. We can then, undertake conscious choices based on the awareness that we have acquired.


It was a visit to my 85 year-old grandaunt that had prompted me to conduct some research. Despite being surrounded by a party of 30 family members who had gathered to visit her, she barely recognised anyone now. It made me wonder, “what research on essential oils for Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia can I draw on?

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