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Boost Your Immune System with Essential Oil Supplements

Have you felt a change in temperature lately?

What is more, are you going on a winter holiday?

If so, may I suggest boosting your immune system this period.


I don’t think any of us would like the idea of falling ill during or just prior to a vacation. Many of us typically make plans to travel during the last two months of the year. Most of those I know who are traveling during the winter months are fellow Singaporeans. As we come from a tropical country, our bodies are not accustomed to sub-zero temperatures. Taking supplements only after falling sick will be a tad late.


I recall our first ski trip when my kids and I fell sick. It was our first winter holiday, first time in Hokkaido and first time learning how to ski. Each of us started running a fever on top of the flu we had.


We took turns to recuperate in the hotel and in-between our ski runs. We did not want to “waste” our holiday by staying in the hotel room as we had spent a lot of money paying for the trip but it proved to be challenging being out in extremely cold weather and attempting to ski. Back then, we did not take any form of supplements to strengthen our body. Needless to say, it was not one of our more enjoyable holidays.


Preparation is key. One major preparation lies in boosting our immune system.


I began on a 6-week program just prior to my next trip with the clear focus of boosting my immune system. Supplements that contain therapeutic-grade essential oils are great for this purpose. Essential oils have properties that can help support optimal physical health. They restore your body’s natural ability to restore, rejuvenate and renew itself.


Even if you come from temperate country, any change in seasons will result in your body’s need to make adjustments. Hence, support yourself with immune-boosting supplements.


Essential oil-infused Supplements that will Boost Immune System

Here are the top 3 supplements that I have been taking…

immune system supplements that contain essential oils


(1) Inner Defense – contains Thieves blend (clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, Eucaluptus Radiata and Rosemary), Oregano, Thyme CT Thymol and Citronella. The essential oils help to strengthen the body’s defense system against a spectrum of pathogenic organisms.


(2) Ningxia Red – Contains the highest known antioxidant – Ningxia Red Wolfberry; helps to neutralize free radicals and supports immune function.


(3) Super C chewables – contains the essential oils of orange, tangerine, lemon, grapefruit and lemongrass. It also includes Rutin, bioflavonoids and minerals to balance electrolytes and enhance the effectiveness of the absorption of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is vital for immunity and helps to promote leukocyte formation. A vitamin C deficiency results in reduced resistance against certain pathogens while a higher supplementation enhances several immune system parameters.


Recommendation on Boosting Immune System for Winter

Preventative measures are worth taking. Most certainly, pack the above 3 supplements with you in your luggage on your travels. You will be glad you did!


Even if you are not going away this winter, increasing your intake of immune-boosting supplements is a great idea. Building up a strong defence system can go a long way to enjoying your year-end holiday at home.


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