5 Best Essential Oils for Meditation

Trying your best to ease into a meditative state but finding it difficult to do so? Well, with a mind that refuses to settle (aka the monkey mind), it can be difficult to reach deeper levels of meditation. If you have got a busy day or lots on your mind, relaxing – even for a second – can take tremendous effort. Essential oils are great to use for relaxation. Then again, while any oil that romotes relaxation is helpful, you can get a lot more out of one that has spiritual resonance. There are certain oils that had been used in sacred circles for thousands of years. 7 Benefits to Using Spiritual Essential Oils for Meditation As far as I can see, there are 7 benefits of Using Spiritual Essential Oils for Meditation. They are as follows…. 1. It’s easier to connect with the divine due to their heightened vibrational resonance 2. Your ability to stay in the meditative space is enhanced. 3. Essential oils help in emotional clearing and releasing. 4. They provide assurance with protective spiritual boundary. 5. They activate intuitive channels by decalcifying the pineal gland and boosting its function. 6. Lift your vibrational state & widen your auric field. 7. They promote harmonic balance across all your energy centers.   My Top 5 Favorite Oils for Meditation My top 5 favorite oils for diffusing include the following: 1. Sacred Frankincense Sacred Frankincense was the first oil that I was introduced to. It remains a favorite. You won’t be able to find Sacred Frankincense sold anywhere else. Sacred Frankincense is of the highest grade known. It...

How to Release Your Inner Child with Essential Oil Therapy

Releasing Your Inner Child simply means that you let go of your childhood wounds and that you reconnect with parts of yourself that you have “lost” in your early years. Perhaps there is the perception that you were “forced” to grow up a little too fast during your childhood. Your parents could have had little time for you, due to their busy work life. They were, after all, trying to do their best to run a household while making ends meet. And so, there were periods in your early life that you had to shoulder responsibilities that you were ill-prepared for. It might be that you felt that you had to meet expectations that were way more than what was demanded of the other children. Inadvertently, you were not given enough love and care that you felt you needed. As a child, you could also be resenting the fact that there was not enough play time back then. Just as you have some inkling of what time is, precious moments had already slipped by. You were stripped of the joy of childhood and thrust into the punishing pressures of school life. Reconnecting with your inner child is NOT about turning back the clock because it will be impossible to. Rather, it is about releasing the emotions left unresolved. Using the Inner Child Essential Oil Blend gives you the space to process the thoughts and emotions that are keeping you stuck to this day. If you are currently finding your life dull, you are lacking the sparkle of your inner child.     Benefits of Using the Inner Child Essential...

How to Get Clear Healthy Skin with Essential Oils

I would like to share with you the protocol that has helped my skin recover from years and years of poor health. With a change in lifestyle habits and the careful application of skin care ways, I was able to find relief from the constant itch-scratch-itch battles that used to leave my legs with bleeding marks and scars. At the core, I found out that unhealthy skin was almost always contributed by an overload of toxins in the body. So, measures undertaken had to address the source of my issues. It would be nice to be able to post some pictures of my once badly affected legs but I am not legally allowed to make any advertising claims. Neither am I allowed to spell out the medical label of my skin condition. A small clue…let’s just say that it is a common one that afflicts many people over prolonged periods of time today. Nonetheless, my intention is to share my story as someone who has been experiencing poor skin health for ages and who has found a way to overcome much of her struggles. I know what it feels like to be in pain, frustration and embarrassment. I know how insecure a sufferer can feel from having bad skin. So, if you are reading this article and in a similar journey, may you find the solution that you are seeking for 🙂 I believe that my troubles started when I was in the University. It must be poor eating habits and exam pressures that triggered my skin issues. Increasingly, they got worse and worse even after I gave birth...

My Top 5 Favourite Essential Oils for Winter

In my recent trip to Japan for a family skiing vacation, I brought more than 10 essential oils with me. I ended up using a few favourites that kept me well while I was out in the cold. The picture on the left was taken on the ski slopes in Club Med Hokkaido. This being the holiday season and in case you are planning an upcoming winter trip, here are my top essential oil recommendations that you may want to bring along on your travels too…. For Skiing I absolutely benefited from the use of the following two roll ons which I kept in my skiing jacket… 1. Valor ® Roll-on Valor® is an oil blend that promotes the feeling of courage during challenging times. It helps in overcoming fear barriers, enhances one’s individual resources and strengthens resolve. Conquering the slope did not feel quite as hard when I applied the roll-on from Day 2 of my skiing trip onwards. It comprises of pruce (Picea mariana), rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora), blue tansy (Tanacetum annuum) and frankincense (Boswellia carteri) in a base of almond oil.   2. Deep Relief Roll-on Deep Relief essential oil roll-on is a life saver for aching muscles. It is a Young Living-exclusive blend of pure essential oils formulated to use for massage after activity. The roll-on offers convenience for application over the knees and calves. I enjoyed the instant cooling effects from the blend of Peppermint, Wintergreen, Copaiba, and Helichrysum, plus other oils found in the Deep Relief roll-on. For Respiratory Relief I have always had a problem with low temperatures, with the tendency to get...

Overcome Doubt with Believe Essential Oil

Encountering self-doubt?

Well, doubt can stand in the way of your dreams.

Then again, despite knowing how obstructive doubt is, you may find it hard to let it go easily.

You have been caught up in confidence crisis often enough.

One great solution is to use essential oils to overcome doubt.