How to Buy Essential Oils at Wholesale Prices

It is easy to order Young Living Essential Oils online, from anywhere in the world.

The oils are sent directly to you from our nearest warehouse. Young Living has offices and/or warehouses in USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Japan, United Kingdom, etc. For example if you live in somewhere in Europe, your products will be sent to you from the United Kingdom office.

Young Living is a company founded by Gary Young in the United States. It is the world leader in therapeutic grade essential oils today. Many hospitals in the US use Young Living essential oils as part of their integrated health care solutions.

Your options for ordering are as such: wholesale or retail customer. As a wholesale customer, you have a choice between just making a standard order (as and when you need items) or a monthly Essential Rewards Autoship order. With either choice, you can select the specific items that you want.

Order as Wholesale Customer

In order to enjoy buying the oils at wholesale prices, you need to open up a wholesale account. This will allow you to become an Independent Distributor as well. It may sound a bit ‘official’, but don’t worry! It’s really quite plain and simple. It is somewhat similar to a signing up for a discount card at your favorite retail shop. For having a wholesale account, this means a big savings of 24% off retail price. To get started with your own wholesale account, just click the button below and you will see a sign-up form:

Click Here to Buy Young Living Essential Oils at Wholesale Prices

  • One time purchase of a Starter Kit (a range of options are shown when you click over to sign up). This requirement is waived for accounts opened in Singapore and Malaysia if you opt to be on Essential Rewards (please see below description on what ER is).
  • Step-by-step Instructions on How to Open Wholesale Account with Young Living Online.
  • No renewal fee; simply purchase a minimum of 50PV (1PV=US$1) of product per year and your account stays active.
  • You can cancel your membership any time you want to, no questions asked.
  • No order minimum – order whenever you like, as often as you like at 24% off retail prices.

Why Essential Rewards

There are distinct advantages by being on a monthly ER Autoship order (which is what I suggest even if you are just starting out) as opposed to just placing a standard order.

* The ER Autoship order simply means that you commit to making a minimum purchase every month. You can also choose to change the items you wish to order month by month.

* Get up to 20% in ER points that you earn from your purchases. You can redeem on products with these points. Which means you are getting a lot more value than what you pay for.

* Receive special discounts on promotional kits.

* Enjoy reduced delivery rates.

* By being on ER with a minimum monthly spending of 100PV, you now have the right to recommend these products to anyone you know – and earn a referral commission. You can turn this venture into a business. That being said, you are never under any obligation to do so.

* Earn special incentives eg. leadership trainings, retreats, etc.


If you need help with creating your account, or if you’d like to learn more about rewards, commission structure or simply what essential oils to purchase, please contact me.

I will be happy to get over Skype with you for a discussion.

Order as a Retail Customer

  • No starter kit required.
  • Order products whenever you would like (but pay 24% more than a wholesale customer).

How to order Essential Oils at Retail Prices?

If you don’t want to become a wholesale customer just yet, you can purchase the oils at retail prices.

Click the following button BUT instead of choosing “Wholesale Member” in the sign up form, choose “Retail Customer”.

Note that should you decide to choose this option, you will be paying full retail prices for the products.

Preferred Recommendation

I have not had anyone regret enrolling as a wholesale customer. The graphic below easily illustrates the difference between a wholesale account and a retail customer account.

What is the Difference

The Starter Kit investment is very quickly recovered with the savings off the retail prices that you get. In fact, I highly recommend enrolling on the Essential Rewards Autoship Program. Being on ER is great value-for-money. You get more free products, bonus savings and incentives. Additionally, you have the opportunity to earn extra income should you decide to turn it into a business. From the extra income, your products can virtually become free for you and your family!

Give essential oils a try for at least 3 months and let them work their magic in your life!  Like me, you may just decide that they truly are great alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs and that you would like to incorporate their use into your daily life.

Enjoy Health, Wealth and Wellness with 100% pure Essential Oils!


Click Here to Buy Young Living Essential Oils at Wholesale Prices


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