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Make The Believe Essential Oil as Part of Your Program Launch Formula

Need to work on boosting beliefs because you have doubts about yourself or your ability to launch a new program?

Would like to feel supported as you work on manifesting your project into completion?

May I suggest using Believe Essential Oil as part of your program launch or product launch formula.


Make believe essential oil as part of your program or product formula


The oil may just enhance your overall experience with bringing your offering into fruition.

Indeed, the oil has been great as a secret support tool for me in the last two months.

It helped me during a time when I needed to overcome self-doubt, solidify self-confidence and to consolidate my energies for a successful launch of my Money Magnet Success Program.

Here’s a more detailed run-down as I plan the launch of my group mentorship class.

Three bottles of Believe Essential Oil to the exact during the preparation phase and now, I’m on my fourth bottle with my group program currently underway.

I knew that I was in need of a boost of belief!

I had confidence in the transformation that my program offer but I also encountered doubts since it was to be my first attempt in rolling out a group mentorship class online. There was that pesky voice that came up, telling me not to put myself at risk! It’s much safer serving private clients individually or even doing group classes locally.

Now, if I am to pay heed to the pesky voice….which I sometimes call it my Money Gremlin, I would not have said “yes” to doing a program launch. There are enough ways that I can challenge myself but I recognized that I was also looking for soul expansion. I felt ready to pay heed to the strong desire to serve more people in the world. Clearly, the desire was there but it has to be backed up by belief! Are you resonating with any of this?


Boosting “I Believe” during the Preparation Phase of Program Launch


I began by putting my intention out there to the Universe.

This was also when I became more diligent about using the Believe Essential oil. I had one bottle in every room. And so while planning out my marketing activities or before I engage in any visioning exercises, I was inhaling Believe Essential Oil.

In terms of preparation and marketing activities:

1. I gave out more calls, requesting if anyone would like to go on a 30-minute complimentary Skype chat with me. The chat offered the opportunity to find out if there will be a fit in working together.

2. Since it was a beta launch, I chose to use free channels for my promotional exercises such as doing Facebook Lives.

3. I also wrote to my newsletter subscribers with a lot more focused attention in addressing their specific concerns.


Admittedly, while I had put my intention out, I did not have the details of my group program all worked out. But I wanted my program to be out in a month’s time and there was no way I would back out from talking to people who could potentially be interested in working together. It was back to using my favourite support tool – using more doses of Believe Essential Oil, tapping in self-confidence affirmations and visioning the experience of having my dream manifested.

Well, I was still signing up my last two clients just slightly before the doors open for my Money Magnet Success group. The result? I have participants from Mexico, Singapore, Philippines, UK and Australia. Yayy!!!


Boosting “I Believe” during the Starting Phase of Program Launch


Okay, so I didn’t have everything figured out even upon program launch. There were technical glitches I had to deal with. Things came up that I had not thought of before and at the last minute. I guess issues like mine do commonly come up for anyone doing a product or program launch ha!

Well, I continued with the use of Believe Essential Oil. I use the following affirmations while inhaling and visualizing the outcome that I desire…

I believe in myself.
I believe in my ability to attract the perfect clients to work with for my group program.
I believe in attracting great clients who will support one another in this group.
I believe in my ability to hold space for the participants in my group program.
I believe in being able to support the highest healing possible for my group participants.


To say the least, I have been extremely blessed with the opportunity to work with the group participants. I am happy that the Money Magnet Success Program began on a strong footing. It is currently on-going and I am looking forward to a successful completion! In fact, I am already in the planning stage for my next roll out!


Make Believe Essential Oil as Part of Your Program Launch Formula! 

Make believe essential oil as part of your product launch formula


A program launch can be stressful. Doubt can affect your manifesting ability. Its voice can bellow in your ears just when you are about to take a risk. You may be tempted to give up!!

Hence, when bringing your product into fruition, it is important to feel incredibly supported by the Universe. Not forgetting, you are rolling out a product with the purpose of serving others and making a difference to the world. You want to know that everything is aligned from the inside and out.

As a harmonic blend from nature, Believe Essential Oil can do just that for you.

The Believe Essential Oil has a unique scent that clears your mind of unnecessary clutter. It helps to open up emotional and mental pathways for self-confidence. If you are doing a program launch and need some inner support, reach for this nerve-soothing and crisis-buster oil!

Birthing your program into the world could just get a lot easier!


To Your Wealth and Wellness,